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g & t say: Hello world.  g & t here.  This was our first attempt at blogging, which started at least five years after blogging was “cool”. Now we wait for it to become “retro”, I suppose. We hope you enjoy reading about our day-to-day adventures, our lifelong journeys, and our passing obsessions.

Here’s a little about us …  We lived in Philadelphia (for 10 years!) and San Francisco (for 4 years!) before moving to “The District”. One of us works in medicine, and one of us works in retail. Our child doesn’t work yet, but that would be helpful. The primary motivation for this blog was that we (like every millenial – although I’m clinging to “xennial”, personally) became fascinated with food and wine in the mid-2000’s. After both growing up in South Jersey, with its plethora of fast food and Italian food, we had a lot to explore: new foods, new cooking, new restaurants, new cultures. And then we met wine: a whole other world that neither of us knew anything about. We wanted more of it all (in moderation, of course).

As it’s foolhardy to think that someone would read our blog and value our opinion on anything, our blog is primarily for us: it’s the way we choose to document our adventures so that we can look back at (and actually remember) what we’ve done and where we’ve been.  And if we manage to inspire, entertain, or influence you with any of our ramblings, then that’s just icing on the cake.

So, what’s the deal with sneezing? Well, you see, g suffers from a very peculiar chronic condition (for as long as I’ve known her) in which she sneezes a few times after eating meals (usually dinner).  She finds this satiety-induced sternutation both extremely embarassing (e.g. eating in a quiet restaurant) and very uncomfortable (she doesn’t like the act of sneezing).  I think it’s cute.  As this probably doesn’t qualify as a clinically significant illness, we’ll have to just keep eating … and sneezing … and enjoying life’s little idiosyncracies.

Written by afterdinnersneeze

14 February 2010 at 12:27am

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