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t say: Philly also has a burgeoning food struck scene.  Sadly, we have only been to a few (and to one of those night markets).  As a result, there’s not much listed here yet, so we’re combining it with a list of our favorite delivery places.

-Foo’ Truck (1)
-Guapos Tacos (1)
-Insomnia Cookies (1)
-KoJa (1)
-Kung Fu Hoagie (1)
-PB and U (1)
-Tyson Bee’s (1, 2)

Delivery / Take-out:
-Ekta (1)
-Gusto’s (Coming Soon)
-Mix Pizzeria (1)
-Tiffin (1)
-Square on Square
-Szechuan Hunan (see “BYO-from Asia“)
-Tsuki Sushi
-Jo-Jo Place (Coming Soon)

Written by afterdinnersneeze

29 September 2011 at 2:33pm

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