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t says:  I was looking through old pictures, and I happened to be reminded of a few new food experiences that I had not yet posted …  get ready for a hodge-podge!


So … let’s say you were sitting on the beach, baking in the sun, getting some rays in your bathing suit.  As you think to yourself, “gee, I’m kind of hungry”, what foods might pop into your mind?  Perhaps some boardwalk pizza, or a sandwich or fruit you may have packed, or maybe the bathing suit has made you self conscious, and all you’ll take in is water …  Well, this is the opposite of all of those options: mac and cheese balls from Steve’s Grilled Cheese in Sea Isle City.  They guys were absolutely crazy.  Never have I seen g lose control over a fried food item.  Sure, they’re sloppy, and sure, consuming any more than 1 will cause an instantaneous heart attack, but there’s nothing like a fried ball of cheese and starch.  And the best part: I believe you can even have these suckers delivered to the beach!  OH – did I mention there’s a cheese dipping sauce, too?


I also happened across this cool little PB&J themed food truck on Market street in University City.  It had a pretty interesting looking menu, with lots of attractive options (lookin’ at you, ‘The Elvis” and “The Stoner”) …


… be that as it may, I went for a PB&J&Cheese&Apple.  Not a bad combo – definitely worth checking out if you see the truck hangin there.



a and I also hit up Cozara, the new place in Uni City done by Zama. We were quite impressed. There was top-notch gyoza involved …


… as well as a very eggy katsu-don (Fuji Mountain does it a little bit better) …


… and a ramen that tasted like actual ramen!  yay!  All too often, the ramen at places lacks the alkalinity that ramen is supposed to have (like, the noodles will taste like a plain ‘ol flour-egg-water Italian pasta, and lack that ramen’y kick).  I feel like there could have been some other additions to the broth to give it a bit more flavor, but it wasn’t bad, overall!  I do have to say, however, that the gyoza was probably the best dish we had.

Ok … so now that I’m caught up to date … prepare for the barrage of posts from our vacation …

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21 June 2014 at 5:39pm

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