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Our cast is growing! You’ll see contributions from these members throughout the blog, and soon we hope to have lots of guest blogs! Just as a side note, the letters chosen by our cast don’t necessarily have anything to do with the person’s real name – it could just be that person’s favorite letter! Or maybe the middle initial he/she has always dreamed about!

the beginning …
g, the ceo, master of the sneeze
, the coo, ms, md, phd, csw, and master of being “gangsta” and having too much time on his hands

the relatives …
d, g’s cousin, master of truffles, cranberry-poaching, and keeping-it-real
, g’s sis, master of the horses and tofu brownies
, t’s sis, master of the awkward turtle
, t and j’s dad, master of onion chopping, garlic mincing, and peanut butter cookies
ha, t and j’s mom, master of painting, wontons, and the harsh reality
br, g’s mom, master of lasagna and pinot grigio
cr, g’s dad, master of chicken

the unrelated …
drb, master of all of the laws of physics (including the ones not yet characterized)
a, master of fermented grape juice, “Illadelph jawns”, and using slang to increase his coolness coefficient
, master of small plates, “manly” wines, and tolerating a’s coolness coefficient
kp, master of pork, the South, and the one ring to rule them all
alf, master of Hector, Shania, and pies
l, master of cheeses, fruit jams, and France (that’s right – all of France)
, master of golf and “sales”
, master of s’mores, hamantashen, and Hollywood gossip
, master of gummy bears and guacamole
rch, master of charcuterie, gimlets (the cocktail and the tool), and “the brand”
, master of green enchilada consumption and seersucker suits (with bowties)
n, master of patience
m, master of sneaky instigation and salmon
dz, master of sandals, Stella, and peanut butter and jelly sandwich consumption
sz (formerly smn), master of tolerating dz’s sandals, nursing little hearts, and carrying fresh-cut flowers in her bag
w, master of [any and all] desserts and the “puppy house”
bw, master of digital scales, penguins, and MRIs

Written by afterdinnersneeze

15 February 2010 at 4:48pm

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