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t says: Every now and then we come across a recipe that we think is something “special”. These are usually easy to make and don’t require dirtying 37 pots/pans or a personal sous vide setup (although I have read that they are making these for the home now). The goal of these recipes is to deliver a high quality-price-ratio; we want to eat something that tastes far better than what we expect given the expense of the ingredients and the difficulty in cooking. If not, then it’s not making the blog.  Our recipes may be hand-me-downs, adapted from books/websites, or completely insane ideas I might have had. Credit should be (and is) always given where credit is due.

BUT WHERE ARE THE RECIPES AT??  We hid them.  You can either click on “index of posts” on the right-hand side and pull up the recipes under “cooking adventures”.


Written by afterdinnersneeze

17 February 2010 at 12:51am

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