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t says:  g and I have two of those mini-fridges dedicated for wine – one that stays in our apartment in Philly, and one located off-site in a far more secure, undisclosed location.  Actually, these two are our third and fourth of such fridges as the the first two both died on us (but this time I have extended warranties!)  I’d say that g and I have a very modest collection of wine (~48 bottles): some fancy bottles we’re saving (at the aforementioned undisclosed location – far beyond the reach of my impatience), some cheap bottles for weekday drinking, and some bottles we have on hand in case we go out.  We’re going to put our “go-to’s” here, because we feel like these wines really grabbed our attention with the combination of flavor, texture, availability, and most importantly, price.

2011 Raventos i Blanc Silencis (Spain, Penedes; $17.99 at PLCB)  An interesting wine made by a house that typically makes bubblies.  This still wine of xarello has a unique combination of fruit and floral, a medium length, and a nice clear mineral edge sure to impress any wine snob.  A nicely balanced wine.  <g&t 91>
2012 Conte d’Attimis-Maniago Sauvignon (Italy, Colli Orientali del Fruilli; $12.99 at PLCB) A dead-ringer for a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, but from Italy, and better than any other NZ SB in this price range.  Lots of stone and citrus fruits on the nose and palate, with a lot of lightning-zip (brace yourself!). <g&t91>

2012 Dr. Loosen “Dr L” Riesling (Germany, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer; $8.98 at  Year after year, we turn to Dr. Loosen for our go-to Riesling.  The “Blue Slate” bottling is a fave, however, this year, we found that it was a bit too viscous, a bit too heavy, a bit too sweet.  So enter the lower-end bottling, the lowly, homely “Dr. L”.  It has everything that a “solid” Riesling should have: nice plush peaches, with a touch of sweet, and enough acidity to keep it light so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating straight-up honey … and it’s under $10!  <g&t 90>
— 2011 Ransom Wine Co “Brooks Vineyard” Riesling (Oregon, Eola-Amity Hills; $13.98 at A ridiculous hit of lemon in the mouth with just a touch of sweet to make it palatable.  If you love a tart lemonade, then this is the wine for you (g loves lemonade!).  This wine gets major points for such an interesting flavor. <g&t 91>

2011 Broadside “Margarita Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon” (USA, California, Paso Robles; $19.99 at PLCB.  An atypical California cabernet sauvignon that reminds you that super-ripe berry milkshake is not the only way to go with cabernet.  Good bright red fruit, a little bit of earth, and a moderate length that dances across the palate.  <g&t 91>
2010 Bodegas Montebuena Rioja “Cuvee KPF” (Spain, Rioja; $10.48 at  This rioja was a surprising little number.  In a world with fruit bombs and over-oxidized riojas, this guy was agile and juicy, with nary a tannin, surely to please a crowd. <g&t 90>

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9 January 2012 at 4:22pm

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