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Insomnia Cookies might keep me up at night.

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t says:  The other day I was feeling blue.  There’s only one thing to do when you’re feeling blue … eat chocolate!  I happened to spot an Insomnia Cookie Truck.  Boom.  Done deal.  I swung by asked, “what’s the best ‘deluxe’ cookie you have?”.  The dude replied, “the s’mores one.”  I got one of those and one traditional chocolate chip (or chocolate chunk or whatever it is they call it).

Two giant cookies ... sitting in a tree ... k-i-s-s-i-n-g.

Someone took a bite out of my cookie! (It was me)

I dove into the s’mores cookie.  Gotta say that it looked awesome. It felt awesome, too (nice and warm). But the taste was only … “ok”.  Only ok?!  That’s impossible!  It’s chocolate and marshmallow and graham!  I think it’s because the cookie, itself, was a little dry.  And even though it was brown, the cookie didn’t taste super-chocolatey – I kept longing to encounter a chocolate chunk – that’s where the money was.  I liked the deep, almost-dark chocolate flavor of the melty morsels.  The graham cracker, although good in theory, really didn’t do much for me; the large pieces burst apart into chalky, dry crumbs (maybe they would have been better in the background of a moist-er cookie?).  The marshmallow had a fun-to-chew stickiness about it – but some chunks were so large that I found myself chewing long after the rest of the cookie had disintegrated.  It cost over $2 – I felt a little cheated.

I saved the other cookie for g.  She came home and offered me a piece.  Now THAT was a mighty fine cookie.  The cookie was sweet (but not too sweet), moist, and studded with plenty of those chocolate morsels that I looked forward to in the cookie above.  Mmmmm.  Conclusion – when I see that truck again, I’ll be picking up some more plain ones – no question.

Written by afterdinnersneeze

5 November 2011 at 8:07pm

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