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Food Fantasy: Is This Normal?

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g says: It’s been more than a week since we visited Sampan (search our blog for “sampan”) and I am still thinking about their pork banh mi. That expertly-crafted bundle of unpretentious perfection was wrapped in kraft paper with LOVE… and my belly wants more! It is rare for me to have this kind of experience at a fine dining establishment (i.e. to find something crave-able), but here I am.

t has a surprise dinner planned for my birthday the week after next, but we could change plans if I have a special request that night. So the question is, do I hold out for the surprise and eat someplace new (which I love to do), or do I celebrate my big 2-6 satisfying my new sandwich obsession?

Let’s take a vote – I am torn and need your input!

EDIT:  The poll ended in a tie!!  I guess we’ll just have to flip a coin!

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21 February 2010 at 11:41pm

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