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Updated cookie recipe with pix!

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t says:  I got home 45 mins early and heard a snowstorm was coming [again].  So I figured I should have some cookie dough on hand in case things get desperate.  I made a double-batch of the dough, rolled it into balls, and put it in the freezer (and later, I’ll put it into a smaller container).  I also made a few test cookies.  I took pictures of the process and posted them on the recipe.  While I was making them, I noted that at no point did I tell you when to add the salt – so I fixed that, too.  The end results were pretty good – I might sprinkle them with a super-tiny dash of salt right before baking to give it an interesting crust and to tame the richness that is dark chocolate.  The recipe’s in:

Kitchen Adventures –> Dessert –> Chocolate (2nd one down)

Or you could just click here.

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25 February 2010 at 9:55am

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