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Alcoholics and Rosarians Unite!

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t says: The flower show’s in town!  For the small fee of $23 (for advanced tix online), you get to see a lot of flowers and plants (some of them are quite spectacular – and I know nothing about flowers, gardening, horticulture, etc.).  Additionally, there are tons of seminars on how to care for your rooted loved ones – they were way over my head.  BUT – there’s also a complimentary wine and spirits tasting!  g and I spent about an hour looking at flowers and an hour and a half tasting wine.  It was fun!  (Although we were carded twice … they card people at “random” …)  If you do go – there are TWO tasting areas – and they’re different – so make sure you check out both.  While the vast majority of the wine was “ok”, there were some diamonds in the rough: an Italian Barolo, a Portugese Vinho Verde, a Mumm Brut Rose (g loves bubbles – pink bubbles especially), and a Spanish red from Bierzo.  This Saturday’s the last day – so get there soon!  (They also had a DiBruno outpost, but that cost additional money, so we avoided it).

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1 March 2010 at 9:35am

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