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New BYOB at the Shore!

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t says: g and I love to hang out at the shore during the summers – we don’t get to go as nearly as often as we’d like.  We have noticed, however, that, at least in the town we visit (Sea Isle City), there really isn’t a place for foodies to visit.  AC has some good places, but they’re pricey and not exactly local (it’s still a half hour or so away).  Don’t get me wrong – there’s great food in Sea Isle (shout out to Andrea’s Trattoria!) – and there’s certainly “fancy” places to go for classic seafood if you want to empty your wallet – but you’re not going to find too many places taking risks and offering non-traditional fare like in Philly (e.g. like shortrib and hanger steak that used to be the “it” meat, and pork belly, which seems to be the current “it” meat).  That might change …  Some of the crew at Pub and Kitchen is opening up “The Diving Horse” in Avalon.  While the focus is on fresh-caught seafood (as reported by The Insider) I’m hoping that they bring some of the deliciousness that P&K has been fabled to have.  The prices look on par with what you’d expect at a Philly BYO (for seafood).  Of course, we haven’t even eaten the food at P&K yet (we’re wary of “bar food” not because of the food, but because of the bar – paying for alcohol can get expensive, fast), but I’m sure that we’ll at least get to this new shore BYO this summer.

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31 March 2010 at 9:35am

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