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Sampan gets 2 bells … maybe more later?

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t says: LaBan gave Sampan two bells.  I guess that’s not too shabby … LaBan’s overall critique: a very diverse menu, probably too diverse of a menu, but the food had lots of potential.  Some of the dishes had issues with balance of flavors, but others were spot on.  Overall, I think our stomachs and our wallets appreciated Sampan more than LaBan, so at the very least, we’re happy that the place isn’t going to be super-mobbed when we want to go (like every restaurant that gets 3+ bells).  g and I are also happy that one of our friends who recently dined there will be dreaming of the pork banh mi, like us.  g and I can’t wait to do a Sampan versus Chifa pork banh mi taste-off!

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12 April 2010 at 12:58pm

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