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Zavino Gets 2 Bells: Laban Lays on Some Zingers!

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t says: Laban reviewed Zavino, ultimately awarding them two bells.  g and I still have yet to go, ever since we tried so desperately to get in when they were giving away free wine before they got their liquor license.  Given some of the criticisms Laban had, I wonder if maybe he wasn’t allowed in during the snowstorm to get free wine, either – if so … payback’s a bitch.  Well, we won’t let Laban influence whether or not we go – but now we just have to find a time when we’d rather go to Zavino than the nearby Tria …

By the way – g reminded me that Tria has never let us down.  Sure, their menu could use some refreshing, but we’ve just never ever had a bad time there!  The funny thing is – we can’t even blame them for the one time that we ordered a cheese that we didn’t like – it’s not their fault we didn’t like it – they did nothing more than cut it up and serve it!  It makes me think that they have one hell of a business model …

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19 April 2010 at 2:52pm

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