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Talula’s Split Goes More Public

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t says: This had been reported a while ago, but now that it’s in the Inquirer, I feel a little more confident in its truth.  I do want to say that it is kind of weird that this is front page news, but I guess if you consider the impact that Django had on the Philadelphia restaurant scene as well as the foodie-prestige that Talula’s brought to the area, it is somewhat big news.

What do I think?  Well, regarding the article’s focus on the Aimee-Bryan relationship (and comments below the article), I feel that most readers will feel that LaBan is most certainly painting a stunning portrait of Aimee, and a less-than-stunning one of Bryan … but … if Bryan did truly pull a Tiger Woods here, then I’m totally fine with that.  Obviously, there weren’t many details.

As far as the Bryan-cooking relationship is concerned, it’s quite a shame, because when we talked to Bryan in the kitchen in June 2009, we loved his attitude about food and cookery and restaurants.  He even admitted that his days at Django killed him with stress, and that he liked Talula’s food-centric, slower-paced gig.  But now the Inquirer claims he doesn’t want the cooking-for-one-table job, either, because he has to do some schmoozing?  So he doesn’t want to cook a lot because it’s stressful, and he doesn’t want to schmooze because he doesn’t like it, but he does want to be “in the loop” as far as thinking up that prospective new place with Stephen Starr?

Finally, what do I think about the future of Talula’s?  Well – g and I have been to the market and agree that they still have excellent food.  As far as the dinners are concerned, we also have 2010 Labor Day Saturday reservations, and if we can get together the minimum number of people, we are in!  If you want to come with us, let us know!

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26 April 2010 at 12:23pm

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