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Melograno: Oxtail Sadness

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t says: I’m sure you’re tired of reading of Melograno, much like you’re tired of reading about Sampan.  But, I think I have finally uncovered Melograno’s weakness (aside from the horrendous cheese plate we had on our first trip there some time ago).

5/2010, 8pm, Party of 3.  On a recent visit with g and lc, I ordered the “special”: oxtail ravioli.  It sounded like a surefire winner, as I love oxtail.  Unfortunately, it was not.  Despite the profoundly-beefy flavor that oxtail usually delivers, I barely tasted the oxtail at all – it was masked by a tsunami of herbs like basil and rosemary!  For the record, a tsunami of herbs isn’t that bad, but when you’re expecting savory meat, fresh herbs is quite surprising.  Additionally, there was supposed to be oxtail in the sauce, but I encountered not a single strand … strike 2!  Then, I found that parts of the ravioli (where you’d pinch close the pouch) was a bit too firm … strike 3 – you’re outta there!  Oh … and what’s this?  An intact rosemary leaf to bite into and get stuck in my teeth, leading to mild discomfort and an overwhelming rosemary taste?  Yea, that’s like hearing the home crowd’s yo’-mamma jokes as you walk back to the dug-out with your head bowed down in shame …

Of course, g’s wild boar pappardelle was perfection as usual, and lc’s carbonara was delicious (who could say no to pancetta?), so some things were going quite right.  I guess even Melograno can turn out a flawed pasta dish.

g says: I don’t know what you’re complaining about.  You still ate every last bit, even though you “weren’t that hungry”. Sheesh.

t says: <moment of silence to reconsider> I never said it was so awful I couldn’t eat it … just flawed.

By the way, our server for the night was the awesomest server at Melograno ever.  He was very pleasant, didn’t mind giving us gratuitous amounts of bread, and suggested at the end of our meal that if we didn’t want their desserts, there was Capogiro right around the corner … and Melograno even offers gelato on the menu (for 50% greater cost)!  I love the honesty – the only thing left for him to say would be, “whatever you do, don’t get our cheese plate”.

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1 June 2010 at 11:08am

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