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Product Alert: Le Creuset Dutch Oven

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t says: There is a Le Creuset Dutch oven for sale at Williams-Sonoma.  But buyer beware!  It’s not your typical Le Creuset.  It’s not a pretty color (matte black).  There’s no cream-colored interior (also matte black).  It actually looks like the matte black Staub more than a Le Creuset.  WS claims that it is colored as such so it is suitable for the grill – translation: you won’t be able to tell the burn marks as easily (yes, even the most beautiful Dutch oven will get a little discolored where it is exposed to direct heat like on a range or grill).  Although it doesn’t look it – it is still enameled – it’s not just naked cast iron!  As far as the size (4.5 quarts) – it’s perfect for cooking one meal for two [hungry] people or two meals for 1 [hungry] person – but it’s a bit too small for to be considered “family sized”.

Final note … WS stores marked it down yesterday to $80!!  It’s cheaper than online!  It’s cheaper than Batali’s line!  So call ’em up and happy hunting!

UPDATE: If you like the color green, WS also has lots of their Sonoma Green pieces on sale.  Granted, these are nowhere near the super-awesome deal that the matte black “grill” one is, but if you absolutely must have green, then I suppose this is the way to go …

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15 July 2010 at 11:45am

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