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C19 Groupon … Boo!

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t says: Cichetteria 19 is another restaurant we’ve been wanting to try.  Then we saw this groupon of $25 worth of food for $10.  And only one thought came to mind …  What a RIP-OFF!!  Confused you, right?  After all, a few days ago we were gushing over a similar deal for James!  Why?  Well, you see, C19 is also on for a very similar deal, already!  $10 for $25!  But, the magic happens if you wait long enough.  Eventually, does an 80% off promotion where they will allow you to spend $2 for a $25 gift certificate to go to C19 with the caveat that you must spend a $35 minimum (right now, the promo isn’t on – the promo code used to be “BIG”).  kp snagged one last time (but we haven’t gone with him, yet – we’re bad friends).  In any case, we’ll wait for to run another promo rather than jump on this groupon “deal”.  Way to try to pull a fast one, C19.

EDIT:  The current promo code is “clearance”.  Go for it.  I would venture to say that C19 offers the best deal out of all of the Philly restaurants listed, as you can get larger quantities than just $25 off (e.g. pay $4 to get $50 off of $100).  The funniest one is one from Bleu Martini … that says “excludes alcohol” … as if you’re going to go to Bleu Martini for the food …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

27 August 2010 at 10:36am

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