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L2: Hilarity

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t says: We went to L2 maybe over a year ago. Thus, I’m not sure this should be an official “review”, rather, a “remembrance”, as my memory is spotty. But here is what happened when we went …

1) When we arrived, it was empty. It was actually kind of spooky. If you wanted a place to go where you wouldn’t be seen, this is it.

2) The place had some very weird decor. Was that velvet I saw on the walls? I remember the light fixtures from the ceiling also being bizarre. It was kind of dim, but not a Stephen Starr “we’re too cool for school” dim, rather an “is it clean?” dim.

3) The wine list wasn’t bad upon perusal, pretty standard with five or so reds and five or so whites. It’s a shame that they were out of stock of over 50% of the wines on the wine list. It was more of a wine wish-list. We actually had to ask the waiter to just tell us what they did have because he kept saying, “I’m sorry, we’re out of that tonight”.

4) I attempted to order an appetizer, but they were out of that, too. So we ordered the shumai appetizer. Definitely the same old frozen shumai you could get at your favorite oriental delivery place.

5) I ordered the half-a-duck. I didn’t get duck. Or at least, it didn’t taste like duck. It was the most chicken-esque duck I have ever had. Seriously. But it was very juicy for chicken. But half-a-chicken wouldn’t be that small, right? But it was kind of large for a duck. I don’t know – I’m still baffled to this day.

6) g ordered the filet. There’s no way that somehow, out of every steak house or restaurant that we’ve gone, that L2 is the only one capable of serving 16-oz filets for under $25. Her steak was huge. And the shape wasn’t very filet-esque – it was flat and wide, looking more like a piece of sirloin or something like that. It also wasn’t filet-mignon tender. Verdict – not filet mignon.

Were we confused? Yes. Were we angry? Absolutely not! It was a comedy from the moment we stepped in. But, if you think about it, the food wouldn’t have been that bad had they just been truthful on their menu. Take away all the crap that’s on there; pretending like you have it isn’t impressing anybody. Also, you don’t have to serve duck and filet – you can serve chicken and sirloin! Actually, I recall that the food was cooked well! g enjoyed her cow, and I enjoyed my poultry; it tasted just like it should (if it was what we thought it was).

Interestingly, their website is down right now. Are they closed? No idea. In any case, I really can’t recommend L2. It was fun when we went, but I don’t think we’re going to go back to give it another chance. Sorry L2.

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3 September 2010 at 11:41am

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