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t says: So I was watching the finale for Top Chef DC on Hulu.  I was really getting into the zone – watching all the knives chopping things, pots boiling things, chefs tasting things.  It was pretty cool because now everything was on the line, and we were going to find out if Angelo, Kevin, or Ed was going to be the new Top Chef.  Then … with one last commercial break before they reveal the winner … and I get an email from the Starr Empire … AND THEY SPOILED THE ENDING!!  RIGHT THERE IN THE EMAIL TITLE!  WHAT?!?  Who DOES that!?  Stephen Starr does.  I can’t tell you what they were emailing about because that would ruin the surprise of who wins, but COME ON!  I was almost disgusted enough to close down the browser window and just not watching the ending.  SO stupid.

PS  By the way – two notes:
1)  I feel like last season was far more fun to watch than this one – I don’t know why …
2)  Hung was pretty good on the finale even though he wasn’t competing.  He has some good knife skills, too.  Here’s a sampling, but trust me, he was better on the show …

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16 September 2010 at 9:45pm

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