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What is up with Just Desserts?

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t says: g’s been waiting for Top Chef: Just Desserts since the very first preview she saw.  I was looking forward to it as well.  For me, this past season of Top Chef (in DC) was just “ok” in my mind – I absolutely loved last season with the Voltaggio brothers, Kevin, Jen, etc.  So now I was hoping that Just Desserts would be able to fill the void in my heart that Top Chef DC should have filled.  So now we’re like 4 episodes into the season of Just Desserts and all I can say is:

What the hell is going on?

This show has had so much drama in it, it’s been CRAZY.  If you’ve been wanting to see a cooking show with a disproportionately large dose of stupid drama, then this is your show!  I will say that the drama resolves by episode 4 … well, unless episode 5 has something new …

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7 October 2010 at 12:42pm

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