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Pumpkin Flavors on the Rise!

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t says: You know it’s fall when foobooz has 76-bajillion “fall menu debuts”.  That said, I am resistant to change and made plans to get some good ‘ol fashioned Korean Fried Chicken from Meritage.  Yea – it’s still delicious (order it “extra spicy”), but I think they’re discontinuing it at the end of the month (sadness).  In honor of fall (and what made me think of posting), g and I concluded the meal with some pumpkin creme brulee (even though I recently vowed to not eat another creme brulee unless it was chocolate … g convinced me that it might be just as good … she’s crafty like that.)  It was like pumpkin pie filling, but lighter on the fork, silkier and creamier on the tongue, and had that characteristic crisped-sugar flavor with a hint of that egginess.  It didn’t blow me away as much as the chocolate one (but it was still damn good and superior to normal creme brulee), but it did make me wonder why we don’t straight-up brulee pumpkin pies.  Or, better yet, … if you somehow put this filling inside of a pie crust (or maybe a graham cracker crust just on the bottom), I just can’t see myself ever choosing a slice of normal pumpkin pie again … no matter how much cool whip you put on it …

Sorry j, if you’re the pumpkin pie from Jim Main’s, I’m pumpkin creme brulee pie …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

12 October 2010 at 7:24am

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  1. j says: Jabbing me on your blog! Ouch!


    16 October 2010 at 11:08am

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