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JG Domestic in < 2 Weeks! AND WE’RE GOING!

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t says: Jose Garces’s new venture in the Cira Center (that big glass thing with lights near 30th street station) JG Domestic is opening on 10/15.  g and I have scored reservations to dine there that very night!  The question is … should we actually go?  On one hand, it’s opening night – maybe Jose will be there!  On the other hand … it’s opening night …  so there’s a risk that they haven’t worked out all of the kinks with service and food.  Maybe they’ll need to suffer some growing pains first?  What do you think?

EDIT:  So – the result of the poll: 6 say go, 1 say go if not busy doing something else.  No one says hold off ’til later.  So that’s that – we’re going!  I wonder if g will use her chef-dar and see Jose?

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13 October 2010 at 4:44pm

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