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kp says: pumple cake.  at flying monkey.

t says: Yea, it’s a little ridiculous-sounding, billed as “the tur-duck-en off desserts” … check it out:
(or copy-paste:

kp shared a slice of pumplecake with g and me, and to our surprise, it was actually pretty good!  The cake was super-moist and the pies were the perfect consistency for pumpkin and apple pies (that’s gotta take skill!).  The chocolate-pumpkin combination was surprisingly good (although I have had chocolate chip pumpkin drop cookies before, so I don’t know why I’m surprised) and the vanilla cake with apple pie layer was precisely as you’d expect (almost like apple pie a la mode in flavor).  Overall, very nice.  They only have to work on the pie:cake ratio, which I feel is a little too low – GIVE ME MORE PIE!  Maybe this is something they’ll fix in the future?

Oh, and here’s a conundrum … what magical trickery did they use to suspend the pie in the cake layer?

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26 October 2010 at 6:24am

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