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Post-Thanksgiving Reflection: WE NEED YOUNG BLOOD!

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t says: Ahhh, yes, the day after Thanksgiving.  A day that you can use any way you want without having to worry about, “gee, is ___ going to be open today?  It’s a holiday.”  You want to sit at home and watch some tube?  Right on.  You want to go shopping?  Go for it.  Actually, last year, j and I went to Philadelphia Premium Outlets to go Black Friday shopping at midnight – it … was … insane …  We would have done it again had I not been so busy this year …

That aside leads me to my next point – I’m spending Black Friday being busy with work-related stuff.  Booooo!

This leads me to my two next points …

1)  If anyone out there is reading this and wants to take g out for some fun, give us a ring, pronto!

2)  As I distract myself with this post, I realize that very soon (January 3, 2011), I will be laterally moved at my workplace (i.e. I like to think of school as a workplace – it makes me feel better about being in school in my late-20’s) to a position with a bit more “stuff” to do … all the time.  The result?  Less time to blog!  Gasp!!  Secondary result?  We need some young blood up in here.  SO … if you’re interested in contributing a post or two or three or thirty, totally let us know.  You’ll be added to the cast (if you haven’t been already) and you can make your online blogging debut (if you haven’t done so already).  What reward would you get?  Well, we have no money, but you’ll get our eternal thanks for helping us get to our first anniversary of this blog … February 13, 2011.

Alternatively, if anyone wants to help us get “” off the ground – we could do that, too.  Have no idea what we’re talkin’ about?  Read one of our first posts!

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26 November 2010 at 9:42am

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