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Barbuzzo Gets 3 Bells (and a Supper Sidenote)

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t says: That’s right.  We went there.  We liked it.  And then Craig Laban gives it three bells.  Coincidence?  Obviously not.  They are actually that good …

Guess who has reservations there every weekend from now ’til new year’s?  This [neurotic] guy.

As a sidenote, we met one of the owners of Supper on South Street.  We mentioned how awesome their burger was – I still have not found a burger in the city better than theirs (although I still have some notables to taste: Butcher and Singer, Rouge).  She was very nice.  I still don’t know how people who have to stay at work until midnight can still be nice during the day …  I think we’ll have to give Supper another whirl – it has been over a year since we’ve had their burger, after all …

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6 December 2010 at 12:35pm

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