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t says: Philly mag was hard at work on its “top 50 places you should eat”  and they put up a preview of their top 20 already for all to see.  g and I have conquered 12 of the top 20, with yet another one on the way (Fond … you better get ready!).

I do however want this list of theirs to illustrate my aforementioned “problem” with Philly mag.  Blackfish at number 1.  Seriously?  A restaurant NOT in the city gets number 1?  My issue isn’t with Blackfish, as I’m sure the food there is fantastic.  My issue is with Philly mag.  Yes, Blackfish might be close enough to drive to but I think that is missing the whole purpose of having this list in the first place!  If they have great food then give them a “super-honorable mention” or something, but don’t let it take the place of another restaurant that is IN the city – that’s just silly.  While I admittedly have absolutely no real experience  owning/running a restaurant, I nevertheless imagine that putting out great food/service in Conshohocken is different than doing the same in the city.  I’m not saying that Blackfish couldn’t succeed if it was right next to Bibou or Fish, but I am saying that because they are not in the city, they can avoid the additional strains that are the result of nothing more than location, from the cost of space (and supplies and people)  to the presence of super-fierce competition mere steps away from their very door!

So it’s settled.  Blackfish should obviously move to the city and let’s see if they can hang with well-heeled restaurant emperors (looking at you Garces, Starr) and tiny little up-starts that keep turning heads.

Also – is it weird that Le Bec-fin is not on the list?  Is the food so bad now that it’s not among the top 20?  I find that hard to believe (although what the hell do I know?).  Or maybe the mag is preparing for Le Bec’s [somewhat] imminent closure?

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21 December 2010 at 2:37pm

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