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Revisiting JG Domestic …

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t says: cm had an opportunity to go to JG Domestic.  He had a far better experience than when we went on opening night

cm says: just had first visit to garces domestic with a friend of mine … synopsis:

(1) “plant” table issues seemed to have been corrected, very comfortable and open

(2) had the “whole” rabbit, 4 cuts, was delicious – rib rack, front leg, back leg (much darker/tastier than front leg), and loin

(3) star of the show was the blue crab gratin, was almost like a big crab cake, big chunks of crab with a somehow light sauce in a cast iron small skillet with toasts

(4) had a delicious veggie dish with kale that was amazingly not bitter and delicious squash

(5) had these beignets for dessert served with a maple sauce and vanilla creme, were great, better than even the famous cafe du monde in new orleans

plus the bread they served when you sit down was buttery/salty amazing

all in all a really good time and great food.

t says: cm’s a straight shooter when it comes to blogging … but I think we can see that he was very pleased with his meal.  After hearing from him, now even I’m excited to try it again!

Written by afterdinnersneeze

2 January 2011 at 11:57pm

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