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t says: a and I went to Baby Blues recently for lunch.  It’s a barbecue “chain”, but can you really consider it a “chain” if the other locations are only in California?  I wanted to make this one cm-style (a can chime in if he’s so inspired):

(1)  brisket was ok.  great texture but there weren’t any super-awesome flavors in there like at Percy Street.

(2)  mac and cheese was mooshy and bland … unless you consider the profound butter flavor.

(3)  fried okra was a little bland.

(4)  service was weird (e.g. they never came back to take our drink order)

(5)  hush puppies were ok – right in the “middle of the pack” of the ones I’ve had.

(6)  we got to sit under a tv and talk about manly things.

Hmmmm … ok, so perhaps I won’t be endorsing Baby Blues in the future.  Of course, if you take into account that there really are not that many great lunch places in that area (and the ones that are good are kind of pricey), maybe it’s not so bad.  I guess I’d rather just venture north to Lemongrass or west to Distrito if I wanted to eat (or go to a cart).  Fortunately, a is so much fun to dine with that he can make up for even the most mediocre of foods.

Written by afterdinnersneeze

6 January 2011 at 9:51pm

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