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New Brunches [for us]

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t says: We hit up some new brunches …

A weekend or two ago, g and I wanted brunch … on a Sunday … but Cochon was closed.  So what next?  We needed to go someplace new.  Adsum?  Maybe – but parking is kind of horrendous in that area.  Nevertheless, we called them up and they told us to come right down.  So we got in the car and started driving, our bellies dreaming of brunch … but then our eyes got distracted … by Supper.  And they have free parking.  Ok, well, they don’t have parking, but the Whole Foods across the street does … so we went for it.  We’re spontaneous, damnit!
12/2010, Saturday 1pm, Party of 2.  Supper has a lot of attractive dishes on the menu, but one stood out: Red Velvet Waffles.

And they were delicious!!  There was some cherry compote, a cream-cheese based topping, and some sort of infused maple syrup (which really didn’t matter because I mixed it with my cherries).  Are they more delicious than the French toast or pancakes at Cochon?  Not exactly … but they’re pretty close!  If it had some kind of orange peel involved or something like that to cut through some of the rich cream cheese, they might be on par.  I do wish that they’d give you just a little more because those waffles were kind of small for how much they cost.  They have other things, too.  g got some sort of egg-based dish which was pretty good (way better than her eggs at Meme), and we split an order of apple beignets which were like a cinnamon doughnut hugged an apple – pretty good!  I remember that they had quite a few more items that I wanted to try had it not been for my small stomach.  Next time …  Oh, and they had an “old-fashioned” cereal bar, which included some cereals that you don’t really see around much nowadays – quite intriguing.  Now if only they were a few bucks cheaper … (but they do have a bar, so if a morning cocktail is for you, then so is Supper!).

12/2010, Saturday, 12pm, Party of 2.  Not one week later, g and I were up for some brunch – but it was Saturday and a hot snowy mess outside. g suggested that we not drive off for another round of Supper’s brunch, rather, try to find someplace walk-able.  She suggested Day by Day. Now, we’ve gone to Day by Day before, and it’s been good, but really, nothing super-crazy going on there.  So perhaps I was less than excited to go, or maybe I was just hungry-grumpy.  Nevertheless, we rolled out, walked a few blocks, and voila – we were there!  Good thing we went, because this is what we got:

Like Sabrina’s, Day by Day offers a special “stuffed French toast” which has large slices of French toast flanking a cream-cheese based filling.  And normally they are as good as, if not better than Sabrina’s (I like the French toast, itself, better here than at Sabrina’s, but Sabrina’s normally has better filling).  Well this time, Day by Day got an extra gold star: Tiramisu stuffed French toast.  Mascarpone filled, with some chocolate chips, almonds – wonderful.  Unfortunately, one can never predict the special French toast at Day by Day (their normal stuffed French toast is good, too – but not as good as this).  As you can see, g opted for some sandwich concoction which I believe she found to be quite delicious – and she ranked the potatoes somewhere inbetween those at Supper and those at Cochon.  Quite respectable!  And the prices were pretty cheap, too!  I guess next time I won’t be so quick to poo-poo ’em!

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22 January 2011 at 12:48am

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