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Flying Monkey Classic Whoopie Pies Lack Whoop

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t says: So I had the opportunity to taste Flying Monkey’s classic whoopie pies (chocolate cake, white cream).  And I gotta say: big whoop.  In case you can’t tell, that was sarcastic (unlike the title which wasn’t).  I’ll make it clear: I was not impressed.  Yes, the cake was moist.  Yes, the cream was creamy.  But truth be told, I was expecting something that transcended mere cake-and-cream, especially given the buzz surrounding them (and how much they cost).  Yes, they are better than Oreo Cakesters, and yes, they were great for our party (who could say no to moist chocolate cake and creamy frosting) but a Brown Betty cupcake could take on a Flying Monkey cake in a monkey-knife-fight without breaking a sweat.  Better illustration: if I was standing at Reading Terminal and someone said, “pick one thing for me to taste”, you can rest assured that I would not be heading over to the Monkey.  (Actually – come to think of it, I’m not sure exactly where I would go – there are so many choices!)

But I haven’t written off the Monkey just yet – I’ll have to go back and try some of their other flavored ones, which I hear are even better!  So you’re on shaky ground Flying Monkey … (but I guess it wouldn’t matter cuz the damn thing flies …)

Written by afterdinnersneeze

5 February 2011 at 12:05am

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