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I got scooped at Tyson Bee’s

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t says: Darnit!!  Foobooz totally scooped me with their live blog at Tyson Bee’s!!  I was actually there AT THE SAME TIME!  But I don’t know what they look like, so I don’t know if they’re in my picture; I scrutinized theirs, and I’m not in it.

I wonder where the Foobooz peeps are ...

Approaching the window ...

The menu

Well, at least I can say that I’ve been there twice in the past week, and in general, the food is pretty good!  I’ve sampled the steamed pork bun, which features pork belly and loin, and have concluded that it’s my favorite.  It has salty and sweet and that doughy bun – I can’t resist it.  I also had the korean short rib and kimchi burrito, which was also very good (beef had a great texture and nice spice) – but a bit too much rice (it’s already in a tortilla – there doesn’t need to be that much rice!).  Finally, I also did the pork bahn mi which, while not quite Sampan-delicious, is still pretty good (they gotta put pork belly in it – then it’d be a competitor).  Overall, I think the flavors are not as deep as the buns you’d get at Chifa or the bahn mi from Sampan, but for a quick bite from a food-truck, I think most foodies will be satisfied.  The prices are quite reasonable, but I will agree with foobooz peeps and say that it is quite a messy lunch!

The double-pork-bun!

The pork bahn mi

The one drawback – I am peculiarly full after eating there.  I don’t know if it’s the excessive amount of pork or what, but after eating there for lunch, I’m nearly uncomfortably full for like 7 hours – I wonder if I’m just eating too much?  Regardless, this apparently was not enough to dissuade me because I did go back after the first time and will probably go back again, too!  Good job food truck!  It’s a wonderful addition to the HUP foodtruck neighborhood.

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18 February 2011 at 8:05am

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