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t says:  We just got back from Talula’s Garden.  Literally.  Attempting to write a full post while a bit buzzed on wine would probably not work out well, so we’ll just give you the sneak peak … and tell you that it was awesome …  More images and reviews to come later!

Heres the entrance ... we took the photo as we were leaving. And apparently our iPhone sucks in the dark ...

This is like the back yard we wish we had! Too bad it was just a little to windy/nippy for people to eat outside. Next time!

Its a fountain bathtub in the garden!

Ok, so the above pictures were not very informative … well … here’s another one that is equally a tease …

Heres the bread. But we were hungry ...

Ok, so we wanted to show you a picture of the bread.  You see, Django had flower pot bread.  And Talula’s Table (and the Pop-up over the past summer) did the gruyere grougere.  What’d the Garden do?  It did this very interesting bread that was in the shape of a very skinny muffin, textured like a croissant, and dolloped with [green] spring ramp butter.  And as you can see, it was so delicious that we ate it all before thinking, “gee, we should photograph this!”.  Oh well.  I guess that means that this entire post was a giant teaser … sorry guys … I promise more details and pics very soon.

What I can tell you was that the old couple to my right were hilarious.  The entire time, they were talking about how weird it was that the patrons were wearing jeans (never mind that g and I were sitting right next to them and wearing jeans), and how it must have been “modern cajjjj” or “chic cajjjj” or some nonsense like that.  Then they were like, “yea, there’s that guy there with jeans and a blazer with two daughters or something like that – it’s just too cajjjj.”  Yea … that guy … he was STEPHEN STARR.  He can dress however the hell he wants.  Duh.  And as for the rest of the place being “casual”, or “cajjj” as the old-trying-to-be-hip lady was mentioning – does she not understand the Django/Talula’s Table/Talula’s Garden shtick?  I guess not.  Then they started discussing how many restaurants they had left to visit on the Philly Mag “Best of Philly” list … ugh … go back to the Main Line where you belong …

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17 April 2011 at 10:16pm

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