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Night Market Fun

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t says:  g, k, cm, and I ventured to the nightmarket last week evening.  The event started at 6 and g and I arrived fashionably late around 6:45ish.  Having missed the first nightmarket, we had no idea what to expect.  Essentially, it was a large fenced in parking lot with food trucks aruond the perimeter and stationary tents in the middle (for beer and other truck-free vendors).  And the lines were already in full force.  g resolved to revisit Guapos Tacos, so she got in line.  And a helluva line it was …

Guapos! You're so far away!! (and no, we don't know the couple standing in front of us)

g and I decided on a hammer-and-anvil strategy.  While she waited in line as the anvil, I was the hammer that went off on my own to search for foods could be had for faster.  It was hot as bwawls (that’s not a typo), so I craved something cold.  The drink lines, even for the lemonade, were very long.  And then I spotted Jimmy’s (“Jimmies”).

Cupcakes, ay?

"Jaime Lee Curtis", ay?

At first I felt it was too hot for cupcakes.  But I then noticed that they also were selling ice cream sandwiches using real cookies?  Yes Please!!  There was virtually no line (I was second in line) so I jumped right in and placed my order.  I got a Jaime Lee Curtis cupcake and an “oreo” ice cream sandwich featuring two chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies and cookies-and-cream ice cream.  I reported back to g who progressed approximately 7 cm in my absence. We scarfed down the food.

A real ice cream sandwich!

The ice cream sandwich was VERY good.  The cookies were surprisingly soft (a lot of time the cookies are frozen through) and the ice cream was creamy with real chunks of “cookie” in it.  g demolished the majority of it (she had not eaten before coming here), and I focused on the cupcake.

Jaimee Lee Curtis cupcake?

The cupcake was a little bit of a letdown because I thought I had read that the cake, itself, would have strawberry in it.  I was disappointed to find that the cake was a plain yellow cake.  The sign advertized a strawberry cupcake!!  Then I realized they called it an “adult cupcake” based on a strawberry daiquiri.  Did they just do it up on a plain yellow cake because they thought I was underage?  DAMNIT!  The cake I did get had an appropriate amount of sponginess to it and just the right density so it didn’t collapse when held.  It did taste of butter, though.  A lot of butter.  The frosting had a nice strawberry taste, better than the frostings of a lot of other cupcakes in town.

We resumed waiting in line and k and cm showed up.  They, too, decided to float and cm reported that he was going to retrieve some pizza.  k, on the other hand, resumed being the social butterfly that she is and kept running into people to talk to.

Eventually, we made it to the front of the line – whoopee!

So close I can taste it!

But, as I placed our order and waited for it to be fulfilled, I looked over yonder only to see:

A storm's a-brewin' ...

And right as I received our tacos, it started raining.  Booooo.  I eventually located the rest of the party and we began to consume our foodstuffs.  The pizza (?from Nomad Pizza?) wasn’t bad – not superb, but happily identifiable as “good pizza”.  The tacos, to be honest, were a little of a letdown.  g suspects that this is because we weren’t taking the time to savor each bite (as we were getting rained on and itching to get a move on).  I suspect that it’s because the flavors were kind of muddled.  I had a bite of the mushroom and chicken tacos and the entirety of a short rib taco.  The two meat ones were dominated by their sauces.  The short rib one was overly sour-cream-esque (I actually can’t identify what the major component of the sauce was – but it was white).  The mushroom one was probably the best, with some good texture and brighter vegetable flavors.  But regardless of which one, Tyson Bee’s totally blows guapos out of the water – the flavors are stronger, the textures are more variable.  Hell, they even have a larger variety, from buns to tacos to burritos to curries – I’m glad that they’re close by to where I work.  Sorry I didn’t have any pictures of the tacos, but my hands were too covered with taco shmutz to bother with fiddling around with my iPhone.

Night market was fun, but I was a little bummed that there weren’t more of the obvious/well-known tents/trucks of food.  I mean, there are probably at least three more dessert trucks I can think of!  And what about having a few more restaurants show?  Midatlantic was there, but they only had a butterscotch krimpet bread pudding (which I really wanted to try but ran out of time).  Here’s to hoping that they expand a little more – it’ll disperse the long lines and expose us to more because we’ll spend less time waiting for the obvious heavy hitters like Guapos and Tyson.  I look forward to next time!

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16 June 2011 at 6:25pm

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