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g says: Today, I jumped out of my chair and did my happy dance.

Why, you ask? Because I CALLED IT.

t and I dined at Talula’s Garden on Sunday evening, rumored to be their first weekend since the announced departure of former executive chef Michael Santoro. As we sat in the garden, I sipped my beekeeper cocktail (t stared longingly at it, sad that he could not partake in its bubbly goodness), and we discussed possible next moves for The Garden. I said that I hoped Matt Moon would come since he just left Talula’s Table – since his food is the closest thing to having Bryan Sikora’s (back when it was sprinkled with magic) and because Bryan doesn’t seem to be cooking in a super-creative manner at, Matt and Talula’s Garden could really bring something special from the ‘burbs back here.

t claimed that this would never happen. Unfortunately for his ego (but very fortunately for his stomach), my wish has come true.


t says: I wonder what the new menu will look like …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

9 August 2011 at 8:18pm

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