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Honey’s Sit-n-Eat

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t says:  A long, long time ago (i.e. June 2011), g and I went to Honey’s for brunch.  We went during a weekday, so there was absolutely no wait (g and I have relatively little tolerance for waiting).  We were thrilled that we finally had our first chance to see what the almighty Honey’s Sit-n-Eat was warranted those soul-crushing Sunday morning lines.

June 2011, Brunch, Party of 2.  g and I were celebrating my Birthday, so we had a day full of activities planned (not really).  Regardless, we meant business.  We arrived, we sat down, we perused the menu, we ordered.  We went to work:

Pancakes for a 6-year-old ... or t.

Because it was my Birthday, I felt like I could ask for a special batch of pancakes to be made with all of the ridiculous things I wanted: chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, and bananas.  Their response: “no problem”.  Awesome.  Above you see a pic of the resulting masterpiece which was actually very good.  A beautiful golden brown, it wasn’t the fluffiest pancake I had ever had, but because it’s approximately 50% of “stuff” that I requested, I guess it’d be foolish of me to dock them points for that.  The pancake itself was pretty good, but really, it’s all about the other stuff – how can you go wrong with chocolate, peanut butter, and banana?  Of course, I do have to give Honey’s the credit for even distribution of fillings and having just the right ratios to ensure that no one flavor trumped the rest.  On the flip side: I’m not sure what the orange did on top – maybe if there was some kind of orange-twinged syrup, that would have been a pretty darn good addition.

Huevos Rancheros.

g went for huevos.  Surprise.  By now she has built up quite a huevos repertoire, having had it at all the major brunch spots that offer it. She has a hard time choosing a favorite, but what she does know is that this one just didn’t have the avocado, enough beans, or enough runny yolk to seal the deal.  Plus, if I remember correctly, the tomatoes weren’t really cooked down much – it was more like a salsa.  Bummer.  Well, at least nothing was bad – she did a number on the dish.  (Personally, I think her favorite is the one that cm and k make … just sayin’ …)

Conclusion: Honey’s allows me to choose my pancake toppings.  That’s awesome.  But, after that, I’m not sure why the place is so revered.  The place is kind of small (which I don’t mind) and cramped (which I mind a little bit) with a lot of hipster-appeal (which I mind a little bit more) and a super-long wait on the weekend (which I mind a lot).  Given the breadth of other brunch options, I’m just not sure that they were able to show me something I’d actually wait for.  End result: I’d gladly go there on a weekday without a wait so I can have my pancakes my way (and g could explore other menu options to see if anything else strikes her fancy), but certainly not on a Sunday.

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14 October 2011 at 9:55am

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  1. lc says: Pretty sure it’s “huevos,” Señor. BTW, Mom and Dad and I went to Eggs N’at in Moon Twp. last weekend and got pumpkin pancakes with a side of chorizo. Amaaaazing!


    15 October 2011 at 7:20pm

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