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The Truth … about Locatelli.

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t says:  I’m a huge fan of Locatelli Pecorino Romano cheese.  It started way-back-when, when I first met g and her family used “Locatelli” as their cheese on top of their pasta.  It was salty and cheesy and really added something fun/different to tomato sauce (or crab pasta).  So now, with any pasta g and I make at home, it’s our cheese of choice – even before Parmigiano Reggiano.  The problem – it’s a little pricey.  Check it out:

$12.99 per pound!

We fly through Locatellia pretty quickly – especially when I get the Microplane going (it makes it way too easy to just keep-on-grating).  But now all that’s changed.  I’ll tell you why …

One day I found myself in Whole Foods (likely picking up granola) standing near the cheese counter, ready to pick up some Locatelli.  Then the cheesemonger-girl saw me contemplating the choices and offered some advice.  “Why don’t you try this other Pecorino Romano – it’s like Locatelli, but creamier, has more of a peppery kick, and is a few bucks cheaper.  And, of all the Pecorino Romano, it’s the only one actually made in Rome.”  My interest was peaked:

Some "other" Pecorino Romano.


Now, I’m not one to normally follow the advice of the Whole Foods cheesemonger – I always get the sneaking suspicion they’re trying to sell me something I don’t want.  But hey – this was a recommendation for a cheaper cheese – so why not?  I brought it home, put a slab in my mouth … and proceeded to be quite impressed!  It really was like a creamier, more peppery Locatelli, but still with that salty-cheesey Locatelli background.  It … is … awesome.

In short – the truth about Locatelli: Fulvi Pecorino Romano is way better and cheaper.

g's grandpa's ravioli (with some elbow pasta) and cheeeeeeeese.

Yea, it’s good on pasta, too!

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20 October 2011 at 9:57pm

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