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t says:  Because I like to pretend to be hip/cool, I’ll hang out in the cafe at g’s work.  Hmmm – in retrospect, I realize that that sentence doesn’t really seem like it makes sense: “yea – I’m soooo cool that I hang out at my wife’s workplace.”  Well, regardless, the point of this post is not my “coolness”, rather, the cafe’s food.  Like any good cafe, they have fresh coffees and pastries (including a few vegan selections for those out there who like to make baking sweet treats as difficult as possible).  But even better are the awesome breakfast specials that change day after day (I’ve never seen the same one twice).  These are my three favorite thus far:

nutella+pb+banana+bread=superbreakfastsandwich. It reminds me of that nutella commercial where the mom talks about how she uses it to get her children to eat healthyl: "I spread Nutella on all kinds of healthy things, like Multigrain toast." What the hell else would you put it on? Broccoli?

bacon+egg+cheese+pretzel roll. And you thought a bacon-egg-and-cheese biscuit was good? Not after one of these. AND, because it's pretzel instead of a biscuit, it's healthier, right? Riiiiiight.

No big deal - it's just some pancakes, right?

Wrong! It's a return of the bacon-egg-cheese combo, this time flanked by mini-pancakes. These are 10x better than the McGriddle could have even dreamed. (Trust me, I've had plenty of a McGriddles in my time.)

The only problem with these specials is that because they change every day, you are never guaranteed such success as these on any given day.  Or you could be like g and go for the good ‘ol standby: egg-and-cheese wrap.  (Apparently, for her, pig is not its own food group … Boooooo!)

The cafe also has an assortment of interested packaged foods.  For instance, I’ve also encountered many intriguing chocolate bars, chocolate-covered items, and candies.  We got db hooked on these:

If I take a picture of the object in the manner above (i.e. off-center, shadows, lots of wasted space, peculiar background), that's "artistic", right?

chocolate unwrapped

Personally, I found these chocolates to be a little too crumbly for straight-up eating.  Maybe grating on top of some baked items would be good.  But of course, db can go to town on these, right from the wrapper.

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23 November 2011 at 8:24am

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  1. What’s the name of this place?


    13 November 2012 at 1:22pm

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