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t says:  Today, Apple approved the Tether application (actually, I think it was yesterday).  Later today, Apple pulled the Tether application from the App Store.  Why?  Well – you see – Tether allows you to use your iPhone’s cellular network as an internet source for any attached computer … without paying for it.  Ok, that’s not exactly true: you pay $15 for the application and then that’s it.  It’s not like when you sign up for the tethering service through your cell phone company and they hit you for $20 per month and then hit you up more if you exceed a certain number of MB. So this was quite a steal.

Apple used to have an app called NetShare that functioned similarly and suffered a similar fate.  While I can neither confirm nor deny that I was able to download this application before it was pulled (those who have downloaded the app before it was pulled retain the ability to use the app), I can at least say that Apple could have very well “stuck it to the man” by letting the application slide (but of course, I’m sure they’ve signed some sort of agreement with the cell services saying they wouldn’t).  We’ll see what the future brings …

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29 November 2011 at 5:34pm

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