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t says:  g and I are going to a wine tasting “class” at “The Wine School”.  We went to one a while ago in the days when groupon was new/exciting and not 99.99% useless like it is now.  Basically, you show up, sit down at small tables like at a restaurant (n.b. there’s no food at these events), and some enthusiastic guy/gal talks to you about the wines you’re going to taste.  It was actually a lot of fun.  Perhaps the most famous quote of the night we went was when d exclaimed, “You know … after all these years, I think that I finally understand that all that wine snobbery isn’t just made-up bullshit … you really CAN taste a difference!”

We’re going to return to school and go to the 12/23/2011 tasting of “Luxury Wines of Napa Valley”.  For more info, go to and scroll down until you find it.

While I can’t guarantee the level of luxuriosity of the wines at this particular tasting (they’re not naming any wines in the listing), I can at least say that they did a pretty good job with the Italian tasting we went to – some whites in the $20-30 range, and some [appropriately aged] reds in the $60+ range … and that class didn’t have the word “luxury” in its name!

So if you’re bored on Christmas Eve Eve, get warm with some California wine.

UPDATE:  They’re now down to 12 spots left!  Hurry!!!!

UPDATE:  a and v are in!  That should be extra incentive to go, because if you didn’t know: awesome story-worthy things happen when you mix together a and v and wine on a Friday night.  Can’t wait to see what the night’ll bring.

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4 December 2011 at 12:28pm

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