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congratulations to the 4-bellers!

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t says:  As many of you know, Craig LaBan has selected a new group of four-bell restaurants.  Fallen are Le-Bec and Lacroix.  Veterans Vetri and Fountain are joined by Bibou, Talula’s Table, and Zahav.  Personally, we here at adsz don’t really think that Zahav is actually four-bell material (the food + service + ambience are all “very good”, but are by no stretch flawless in any category – it must be the novelty of the cuisine), but are happy to congratulate them on their accomplishment, as they do a phenomenal lunch during Restaurant Week.

It’s a shame that trying to get reservations at these places is now going to be impossible.  Oh well.  We were at least fortunate enough to have nailed down some key reservations or several of these restaurants before this whole 4-bell business hit the airwaves … I’m sure Charlotte will never have an open table on a weekend ever again …

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4 February 2012 at 11:59pm

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