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t says:  a and v have been to quite a few restaurants that have gone unblogged here on adsz.  They’ve decided to right those wrongs (and there’s still more to come):

v says: 

Cubra Libre:  Definitely not your grandmother’s (re: my abuela’s) Cuban food. The food is overpriced, but the mojitos are worth the trip. If you needed a Cuban food fix, order the appetizer special during Happy Hour. The $30 Picadas Sampler, which can easily feed a party of three, is well worth the price and pairs well with the Caipirinhas. We recommend starting your happy hour early since this offer is only available at the bar and requires a significant amount of counter space to be enjoyed.

Union Trust: The setting is outstanding and, not surprisingly, so is the steak. We did not encounter great service when we went but it could have been an off night. The place knows how to age beef and their sides only compliment the decadence. We haven’t visited many steakhouses in Philly but this certainly must be one of the best. Get there soon as management has had recent run-ins with the law.

Barbuzzo: Life isn’t worth living without piggy popcorn, sheeps milk ricotta & fett’ unta, or salted caramel budino. In fact, the salted caramel budino is tied with first place for best dessert in Philadelphia, and possibly the world. That’s right … the WORLD … and she doesn’t even like dessert. Now if Barbuzzo was a BYO… it would be even harder to get reservations. a notes that their wine program needs work if it’s ever going to match the food.

Chloe: a and I have a theory that Chloe is in business because they want to be, not because they have to. Don’t show up at this establishment after 9 or without knowing for sure that they are open. They stop serving at nine and on any given day.  Sometimes, they may not even be open. a and I last ate at Chloe with a group of intoxicated friends. Our poor manners, inappropriate language, and obscene gestures did not faze our server. She was very patient with us! The food is always very good and sometimes outstanding. This is OC’s neighborhood bistro, our Audrey Claire. And, in the past we’ve said that Chloe, much like AC, is only worth going for the appetizers. We take that back. All of our entrees challenged our palates this time… but then again, you have to take our opinion with a grain of salt, as we normally eat D.P. Dough, cheesesteaks and grease-truck sandwiches when inebriated.

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21 February 2012 at 5:53pm

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