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t says:  It’s g’s birthday on 3/3.  In an effort to surprise her, I orchestrated [with a lot of help] a little multi-phase gathering/party this past weekend to celebrate.  The theme was “things that g likes”.  Phase 1 featured hanging out, eating food, and drinking wine.

meat, cheeses, veggies, chocolate sauce, utz specials extra dark pretzels, donuts, hummus

And all that food was for like … 6 people (we had some last-minute bailers – no problem – more for us!).  The wine list was extensive (bottles outnumbered people at least 2:1), and we wasted no time getting started with reds, whites, bubbles, etc.  But I think what made this phase of the evening fun were these:

donut close-up

a, being the selfless trooper that he is, ventured to “Fednuts” (i.e. “Federal Donuts”) to pick up a dozen of the above donuts: grapefruit, pistachio, pina colada, raspberry balsamic, s’mores, and banana.  They.  Were.  Awesome.  Grapefruit was the winner of the group, capturing 3 of 7 votes, with the remaining votes scattered among the rest.  I disagree with the grapefruit victory (being my least favorite of the six), but I can’t argue with the numbers.  In any case, you absolutely MUST go to Federal Donuts because it’s not all hype.  It’s actually that good!

Other phases of the evening (with more attendees) include bowling, eating at Han Dynasty, and resuming wine consumption while watching tivo’d Iron Chef. To my surprise, everything ran according schedule and g was not the least bit sleepy at any point throughout the evening.  Awesome!

g and I send our sincerest thanks to everyone who came – you really made the night special for g.  Also – happy birthdays to w’s boyfriend (and to m!) … AND … congratulations to both w and her boyfriend-now-fiance for getting engaged!  We’d like to think they got engaged the night before our party as a birthday present for g (she was rootin’ for ’em).   We wish them nothing but the best!

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27 February 2012 at 9:21pm

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