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dr. loosen’s red slate loses my attention (and a Serbian wine review)

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t says:  Very recently, I wrote about Dr. Loosen’s “Blue Slate” Riesling, gushing with praise.  a fired back that perhaps I should also try their “Red Slate”, which is their dry version (at the bottom of the post) …

So I took his advice a few days later …

We had the 2010 dr. loosen "red slate" Riesling ... not the 2009 ...

2010 Dr. Loosen “Red Slate” Riesling ($13.99 at PLCB).  I got a lot of the chemical nose that the “Blue Slate” had, but not a lot of fruit.  My tongue was greeted with the zip and refreshing quality that I find desirable in a white wine … but … it was missing a very important feature: fruit!  No peaches, no apricots.  It’s all structure with no flash, no plush.  Maybe some white grape juice on the finish as the zip fades away, but that’s about it.  g didn’t feel it to be as lacking as I had found; for her it was “like the Blue Slate, but watered down”.  All in all, while better than something like a Cavit white wine, there’s not enough to motivate me to buy it again – not if I can find a bottle of Shaya “Old Vines” around.

Sorry Lord Riesling … I’m sure you’ll bring this up next time we talk wine …

In other news, drb at curiouser and curiouser posted about the first ever bottle of Serbian wine I’ve ever seen.

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24 March 2012 at 9:00pm

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