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t says:  lc took me to some hippy-dippy-lookin’ donut place in Pittsburgh for breakfast one morning.  Looking at the sign outside, which said “Peace Love and Little Donuts”, I wondered if I’d be required to don a woven pancho before entry.  Fortunately, they didn’t discriminate against non-hippies, and I was granted access.  And look what I found:

look at all those donuts!

This place has three tiers of donuts.  They are more silly-named than Coldstone Creamery’s sizing scheme (i.e. “like it vs. love it vs. gotta’ have it”).  <Uncontrollable aside: “what kind of crackhead terminology is that?  i gotta have it, man!  i’m tweakin’ i’m tweakin’!”  Ok, I feel better now that I got that out.>  Here, the donuts are “groovy”, “far out”, or “funkadelic”.  Refusing to acquiesce to such silly names, I began to assemble a dozen of “the really fancy ones” to bring in to some co-workers.  Unfortunately, lc chose some of the lamer “groovy” ones for the dozen as well, claiming that maybe some people would like a more “normal donut”.  (Blasphemy!)

It’s ok.  I made sure we got 2 of these babies:

maple bacon bacon bacon bacon!

Yes, I know that putting bacon on sweets is soooooo “two years ago”, but I don’t care.  I have never seen such a bacon-loaded sweet before, so I knew that 2 of the dozen were going to be this maple bacon concoction.  Funny thing – these were the last 2 of 3 remaining donuts after people attacked the dozen.  I guess the bacon scared people away.  I admit – it’s not for the faint of heart.

How’d it taste?  Pretty damn good.  I give the hippies big props for loading on the bacon.  I do wish it was a little crispier, but am really happy I went for it.  The donut was nicely textured and surprisingly not-too-sweet.  It was plusher/softer than FedNuts, and the glaze wasn’t too thick/syrupy at all.  Man, if these hippies opened up shop i Philly, they could give FedNuts a run for their money (FedNuts does better with “unique” flavors, but honestly, how can you say no to classic combos like strawberry shortcake or chocolate-peanut-butter?).

Regrets?  Well, after consuming the maple bacon donut, I was then over-full for a long time … but it was worth it … and I’d do it again … and maybe ask for a single swirl of chocolate …

Written by afterdinnersneeze

11 April 2012 at 10:29pm

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