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t says:  My favorite “everyday” ice cream is Blue Bunny (not that I’m eating ice cream everyday or anything).  It’s cheaper than Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen Daz, but a bit pricier than Bryer’s, Edy’s, Turkey Hill, etc … but I feel like it’s worth it … especially if they have the pistachio-almond flavor, which is the best!

In addition to flavor, Blue Bunny is now going for “cuteness” – check out what g found at the grocery store:

a tiny blue bunny!

a size comparison

And now for the cutest part:

under the lid is a tiny spoon!

So to sum up: it tastes good, it looks cute … so what else?

Well … it kinda still has >25 grams of sugar per tiny tub … which, if you think about the recent anti-sugar movement, means that this cute bunny is now best likened to the following:

So … eat carefully, friends.

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21 April 2012 at 6:44pm

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