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The Oregon Trail: Eateries

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t says:  And now, let’s roll the picture reel – it’s time to see some Oregon food.

Wine Country Day 1 – Lunch:  Red Hills Market.  This was a cute little market that sold everything from meats, breads, and cheeses to wines, coffees, and touristy nick-knacks.  They do some pretty good desserts, including the best macaroon I’ve ever had (I didn’t take a picture of it because by the time I thought to do so, I had already consumed the entire macaroon).  It’s the perfect place for a first bite after a tired journey or to pick up some picnic necessities.  Oh – I forgot to mention the delicious artisanal sandwiches:

red hills market roast beef

Wine Country Day 1 – Dinner:  <Picnic> Famous 3rd Street Pizza.  We didn’t take a pic of the place or the pizza because it was pretty standard fare – nothing special.  We would have done something awesomer, but Mondays in Oregon Wine Country are tough – it’s REALLY hard to find open restaurants (either that or we just suck at looking for them).  We took a pizza back to Abbey Road Farms BnB and enjoyed the view over a slice of pie.  Ahhhhhh, heaven.

Wine Country Day 2 – Lunch: The Horse Radish.  Located in downtown Carlton (this is a joke), this is a great little sandwich-centric place for lunch.  Because it was called “the Horse Radish”, g insisted that we order a dish containing the condiment … meaning that we again had roast beef:

not as “sexy” as Red Hills Market, but more filling (only half is pictured above)

Oregon cheese trio and some fig jam

Overall, the food was satisfactory and the price was right.  Not bad!

Wine Country Day 2 – Dinner: We had another outdoor picnic, but this time, we’re going to play a game where you guess what we ate after a long day of wine tasting …

The large box had a salad (yawn), while the other components of super-awesome outdoor meal are …

… Oregon Dungeness crab lasagna …

… papperdelle bolognese …

… cupcakes (peanut butter and chocolate, red velvet, raspberry filled, and caramel filled) …

… and a beautiful view!

As you could probably guess from my strong words in the last post, the wine was the best part of this meal.  It was just a wonderful outdoor drinking wine.  The food was pretty good, but we have to admit that for the hype that Nick’s Italian Cafe gets, you’d think that this was going to be the best Italian food ever.  It wasn’t.  (g suggests:  It wasn’t bad, but maybe they just don’t have a lot of great Italian places around here to compare it to.)  I agree – Osteria would reduce the long-time “establishment” of Nick’s to a nothing more than a faded memory within a single summer.  The cupcakes a similar story – they weren’t bad, but it’s similar to any old cupcakery you can find in Philly.

Wine Country Day 3 – Lunch:  Dundee Bistro.  This place rocks.  Seriously.  The food is well-prepared and often contains little tidbits of novelty to wake you up from a wine-tasting-induced-siesta.  The by-the-glass wine list is impressive.  The hipster waiters are nice enough, so that wasn’t a problem.  I’d say that if you want a sit-down lunch, this place is a no-brainer.

pasta carbonara … but the pasta is kinda like ramen noodles …

French Fries (truffled) + golden beet salad with curried apples

Wine Country Day 3 – Dinner … to be continued …

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25 May 2012 at 1:35am

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