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t says:  k and cm brought over some desserts to a recent party we threw (I turn the big 3-0 soon!).  And while there were several delicious desserts (including superb contributions from several castmembers and also g’s “giant Tastykake Kandy Kake” … which tasted exactly like a Kandy Kake), one of them has outlasted the others by virtue of being jarred.  Here it is:

all better.

Ha.  I ate it.  Sorry.  What you see above used to be a salted caramel budino from Barbuzzo … and it was unsurprisingly delicious.  k and cm brought them over for the party, however, through some accidental oversight (or was it “accidental” oversight?), I ended up with three of these bad boys leftover.  So lately, this has been the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been encountering at the end of my meals:

Step 1: “Holy crap – I have budinos in the fridge!  Awesome!”  <5 seconds elapse as I frantically search for a spoon>  “Ohhh, this is soooo good.”
<170 seconds of heaven elapse>
Step 2:  “Aww man!  I’ve consumed my budino ration for the meal …”  <5 seconds of despair>
Step 3:  “Oh – it’s ok – I still have more in the fridge for next time!”  <Happiness resumed>

Thanks k and cm!  It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

(And in case you were wondering, I’ve been on a strict 0.5 budino per meal ration.  That’s as much restraint as I can muster … although k is convinced that because I’m about to be 30, I should be allowed to “let myself go”.)

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12 June 2012 at 12:48pm

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