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the rotisseur pork belly banh mi

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t says:  After reading about it on foobooz, I was disheartened to find that I’d have to miss out on Rotisseur’s pork belly banh mi (I just couldn’t fit it in my schedule).  And now, after some time has passed (hopefully so they could perfect the recipe), I was psyched to finally try it!

pork belly banh mi sign at Rotisseur

Having had many-a-banh-mi, this one had a twist!  Actually it had two twists: the mango slaw and “fresh peaches”.  As my brain tried to put the flavors together, it eventually crashed, as I just had no idea how it would turn out …

here it is!

As you can see, this doesn’t feature big hunks of belly, rather, thin slices.  I was intrigued at how thin they were!  And then look at those peach slices!  The guy making the sandwich took great care in arranging the peaches so that they’d look pretty.  I appreciate that.  This was going to be another take on the banh mi for sure …

But how did it taste?  You know I love Rotisseur, but to be honest, this was kind of underwhelming.  The sandwich wasn’t bad by any stretch (and the side of kale is still pretty killer!), but the flavors just weren’t as bright or as deep as in other banh mis … or even Rotisseur’s own chicken sandwiches!  (which is surprising given the meat they’re using).  The other flavors of the sandwich were nice, with the togarashi playing well with the peach.  That said, it kind of made me long for their chicken instead …  Oh well – sorry guys – I’m just going to have to stick with your chicken-based stuff from now on …

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25 June 2012 at 9:33pm

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