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bistro la baia … stepping up their game

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t says:  g and I wanted to meet up with  to Bistro la Baia with some of the old gang recently and eventually landed on going to Bistro la Baia.  It was a tough decision because everyone had their requirements.  dz enjoys filling pastas.  I wanted something byo.  g wanted someplace we’ve never been before.  smn was probably happy enough just with the idea of going out to dinner at all, with all the crazy schedules she has been enduring recently.  Normally we’d go to Melograno, but they’re a little pricey.  While g and I are often full after a plate of their super-awesome pastas, normal-sized people often wish there was more quantity to be had.  We finally landed on Bistro la Baia – a place that seems like it’s been around forever, but we just hadn’t had the chance to visit.  Now, when we suggested it, w’s fiance had his doubts about Bistro la Baia, as they disappointed him once in the past – I believe he said something like “their food sucks … well … it doesn’t suck, but it’s very ‘middling'”.  He tried his hardest to find alternatives (Modo Mio was booked …), but in the end, he was a good sport and went along with our plans.

July 2012, Friday Dinner, Party of 6.  g and I arrived first, to be greeted (if you call it a “greeting”) by the older, larger gentleman who seems like he’s running the front of house.  He was terse – sparing not a single pleasantry before showing us our seats.  The place, itself, looks a bit “tired”.  The floors are creaky, it’s unnecessarily dark, and the decor/tablesettings were plain.  I looked at g and muttered, “ok … time to buckle up … this might be painful …”.  As the rest of our party arrived, we found that our “host” was gruff to pretty much everyone.  To illustrate his demeanor, I’m going to finish off this review as he would have …

The food.  It’s good.  Not great.  But good.  w’s fiance admitted something like, “the food quality here has really improved.  I think they stole people from La Viola”.  I find the quality to be similar to La Viola – not the most superb pasta textures or flavorful sauces, but definitely has a feeling of “home”.  Oh, wait – that’s too descriptive.  Sorry – back to being gruff: big portions, moderate pasta cookery, moderate flavors, no surprises or squeals of delight (except from dz … who loves pasta more than any Italian I know … which is funny … because he’s not Italian …).

The service is no-nonsense.  You order the food.  It comes out.  Done.  Their attitude was refractory to my offer of a glass of wine from an Italian pinot nero I brought.

The prices were reasonable – g and I spent ~$55 and were stuffed (and I had leftovers to eat a full lunch today).

Result: Bistro la Baia … it’s not fancy and it’s not foodie-heaven … but it is food.  Bring some friends and some wine and have fun like we did!

Is that gruff enough for you … ?

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7 July 2012 at 5:20pm

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