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t says:  After working a 16-hour shift from 7pm to 11am, what’s the first thing that you would do?  Most people would probably go home and sleep.  But not me.  And certainly not my coworkers, either.  We’re super-humans.  Well, either that, or we’re plain ‘ol silly … and hungry …  Collectively, it was decided that we go to brunch.  After a few back-and-forth emails/texts/conversations, we chose to venture to Sabrina’s in University City (closer to Drexel than Penn).  The journey was a dangerous one, as one of us almost perished on the way due to desert-like heat and Louisiana-like humidity.  We were able to rally our spirits when I confirmed on my iPhone that we were indeed 1 block away and not lost/drunk somewhere in Bangkok.

July 2012, Brunch, Party of 4.  After sitting down “in that round porch thingee”, we perused the menu and decided that we should choose four different items and divide them equally.  It’s been a while, so I can’t remember what they were, but I can tell you that three of them had Batman-related names (probably in honor of the new film).  What I can show you, however, is a pic that was taken of a plate adorned with precisely 1/4 of each of our items:

why have just one dish when you can have four?

What is above is a pancake dish, a French toast dish, a frittata dish, and some kind of “chihuahua” dish.  My memories about each is fuzzy, but what I do remember is that everything was quite delicious.  The French toast used less cream cheese than past stuffed French toasts I’ve had at Sabrina’s, which I find to be an improvement (who wants to eat a hunk of cream cheese?), while the pancakes were doused in some kind of crack-like citrus-based glaze that everyone loved (drawback: there wasn’t enough of it – only the top pancake was covered in it … resulting in many-a-stranded bottom two pancakes).  I had no qualms with the two egg-based dishes (although I think that maybe as a whole, they were weaker than the sugar-laden bread-based ones – they didn’t have punchy flavors that I can remember), and the potatoes were wonderfully fried.  And … well … that’s it.  It was a large quantity of delicious food – great for putting an immediate smile on your face and a coma on your brain.  Nice job Sabrina’s.  I still don’t think it’s worth waiting in line for on Sunday morning, but definitely a superb weekday brunch!

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6 August 2012 at 10:44pm

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